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Information systems and technology are becoming more and more sophisticated.  Customers demand speed and ease of use, while examiners expect all associated risks to be mitigated through controls that protect information throughout every stage of its life cycle.

JLA can help you make sure that the information systems installed at your company and those used by your customers are adequately protected by effective controls designed to protect information at all times during transmission, receipt, storage, and use.  We can evaluate the existing controls and make recommendations to improve controls to ensure that your information, and your customer’s information, remains secure at all times throughout the information life cycle.  We can provide the assurance you need to prepare for the demands of your customers and meet the expectations of examiners.

From comprehensive audits to consulting and training services, JLA offers a variety of services designed around the philosophy of “Trust but Verify”, which is the exact approach we take in our approach to information security and related controls testing.

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